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Creative Ideas For Weddings With Mason Jars

Mason jars are not limited as to beverage holder,spice storage and canning making only.There are many ways that you can use these beautiful jars if you have enough creative ideas.If you like custom artwork, you can use the there mason jars to make a great and affordable design for special events like weddings. Here are some creative ways to use mason jars in a wedding.

Wedding Centerpieces

Mason jar wedding centerpieces are great! They will help you stay within your budget while also giving you a beautiful outcome.Paint, glitter, burlap, twine,ribbons, flowers ,led string lights and more can be used to decorate your lovely centerpieces.

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Wedding Favor

When organizing a wedding,choosing wedding guest gifts seems to be more difficult than it sounds.It’s become more and more important to choose wedding favors that are unique and look beautiful. That's where mason jar wedding favors come in.No matter your wedding theme or style, you can make creative gifts to your attendees. choosing the filling contents carefully to take these cute containers,the idea is endless.

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Food and drink

Mason jars can be filled with endless items.Making some wedding food in a mason jars,which can be easily distributed to tickle your guests' tastebuds and warm up at the party.

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